Would you like to publish your archive online?

  • You have a substantial archive of items that can be referenced by time and place, for example images, maps, documents, journals, etc.
  • You have been interested in putting it online for some time now, but the project has been overwhelming and you don't know where to start.
  • Or, perhaps, you already have a project online, but would like it to be more interactive and user-friendly.

We have developed a solution to present just this kind of information in an interactive and intuitive manner. It allows you to move both through time and space, and experience change over time.

Map Georeferencing

Geo-Referenced Maps

We take great care in geo-referencing your historical maps, ensuring accurate alignment of historical features with modern maps, thus allowing them to become an effective part of the interactive experience.

Marker and Map Timereferencing

Time-Referenced Content

Your content will be time-referenced, so that the user can manipulate various controls to move through time, as well as show items in given date ranges.

Sunset in the mountains

Community Participation

Develop and foster a community around your projects. Users can contribute content, and even be organized into teams to focus on specific areas of interest.

Additional features include:

  • Custom import of your historical maps.
  • Self-service administration back-end.
  • Bring your own domain name.
  • Automatic image watermarking to discourage piracy.
  • No hardware requirements, we take care of everything.
  • No software or licensing, all you and your users need is a browser.
  • Works on mobile and desktop.
  • Historical US state, county, and colony boundaries going back to 1629.

Published Projects

Old Providence Screenshot

Our Pricing

per year

Annual Subscription

The subscription covers all back-end functionality needed to host your project, including:

  • 50GB of online storage
  • email notifications
  • nightly backups
  • all features outlined above
  • advanced server infrastructure
  • one-on-one support and training
  • continual development of new features

per 50GB per year

Additional Storage Blocks (as needed)

Blocks of 50GB can be added as needed to cover increased storage needs (most often content growth or addition of custom private maps).

per map

Custom Georeferenced Private Map (optional)

You would like to publish maps held by your archive and make them available in your project only.

per map

Custom Georeferenced Public Map (optional)

You would like to publish maps held by your archive with permission for GeneaLabs to use them in other projects, or request georeferencing of maps held in the public domain. We will share the cost of georeferencing public maps with you.

per hour

Data Migration (optional)

We will work closely with you to import historical data from previous systems you may have used. This usually means providing us with a database dump or spreadsheets of your data, which we will then use to populate your project.

If your data structure is simple, we can provide a spreadsheet template that you can fill in yourselves, reducing your data migration costs substantially.

Put your archive on the map!

If you want to publish your archive online with a focus on user interaction and community, we would love to talk with you about it.

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